5 Simple Yet POWERFUL Tips To Prevent Loved Ones From COVID – From the Perspective of an MD Doctor in Vadodara

COVID is a miraculous disease. The first wave was a very tiring experience for both, the patients and the doctors. Being an MD doctor in Vadodara, I felt that people were really scared of the disease. All I could do, as the best MD medicine doctor in Vadodara, was to guide them patiently and help them in every possible way.

We saw many deaths during the first wave as the people were caught unaware. Later people were quite apprehensive about the vaccines. But with the help of social media, as the best MD physicians in Vadodara, we kept informing people to get vaccinated. We shared videos of how we and our medical staff got vaccinated for the COVID vaccine.

The 2nd wave struck only because we were a little careless in our approach. We saw a mad rush at the hospitals during the second wave. As an MD doctor in Vadodara, I want to guide you all about the steps that you all should follow to prevent the disease.

I know that your minds are full of the precautionary guidelines for COVID, but as an MD doctor in Vadodara, I have observed certain pitfalls even when you follow the guidelines. I have highlighted them in my write-up. I urge you all to go through it deeply rather than just scanning it for the main points.

Best Ways to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection

1. Get Vaccinated:

As the best MD physician in Vadodara, my first advice to you is to get vaccinated. I know many of you might feel anxious about the vaccine but trust me, it offers protection.

If you are vaccinated then the chances of mortality decrease even if you catch the infection of COVID. Although some of you find it a marketing gimmick of big pharmaceutical companies to market their vaccines, yet think of it. Isn’t it true that we have seen even young people die because of COVID?

So it is necessary to have trust in the ‘system’ and get yourself vaccinated. No one has a full-proof medicine against Corona, so it is best to listen to the advice given by doctors and get yourself vaccinated. You can carry on with other safety protocols that you wish, but getting vaccinated will save you and your loved ones.

2. Maintain Safe Distance:

We have again shifted to offline schooling. Children under the age of 18 are yet to be vaccinated. As the best MD medicine doctor in Vadodara, my advice to you is to behave responsibly.

Always maintain at least a 1.5-meter(at least one hand distance) distance when you visit public places. Wear a mask and clean your hands often either with a bar of soap or a sanitizer.
If you are indoors, open the doors and windows and allow the fresh air to enter the rooms. In case you feel that someone is infected with a virus then isolation is necessary till the time tests confirm it.

Do not venture out in crowded places and always keep your mask on your nose. I can understand that due to the heat, or the surrounding environment, we sometimes lower it down but life is more precious. We need to be careful at all times.

3. Use Mask:

I know, from 2020 you are hearing the same statement. But you must wear a good quality mask that covers your face (nose and mouth). Never touch the front side of the mask. Keep it safely when not in use, and wash it after using.

Usage of the mask is highly recommended when you are visiting public places. This saves you from getting infected and in case you are an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, then it saves other people from getting infected. You should never use a mask while exercising. Small children under the age of 2 years or handicapped people (The ones who cannot remove masks on their own) should not use a mask.

4. Monitor your Health Daily:

It is necessary to follow healthy eating habits, do respiratory exercises and monitor your health daily to stay protected from the disease. Do not take any Vitamin supplements unless advised by a doctor. As the best MD physician in Vadodara, I have seen many people pop up Zinc pills or Vitamin C pills. But it can adversely affect you.

Never measure your temperature soon after (30 minutes) of exercise or if you have taken paracetamol tablets. It can misguide. Also, if you develop symptoms of disease, isolate yourself and follow CDC guidelines.

5. Wash your Hands:

It is necessary to wash your hands properly for 60 seconds. Rub in between the fingers, spaces under the nails, and whole palm. If you are using a hand sanitizer, make sure that it is FDA certified. We have seen cases of patients who have used sanitizers containing Methanol and have had skin infections and other serious health issues.

Parents, particularly pay attention to this fact if you are providing a small bottle of sanitizer with your kids when they go to offline schools. If you sneeze or cough then immediately sanitize your hands and dispose of the tissue.

Lastly, if all of us abide by these rules then we can stop the spread of Corona. No medicine or vaccine can provide a guaranteed result, but it is in your interest to follow the guidelines laid down by the government and support the health workers in protecting you. I sincerely hope that together we can fight against Corona and we can stop it from spreading. If you are with me in the fight against COVID then type #ISupportU in the comments section.

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