Do you know the cause of neck pain and the ways to deal with it?

If you ever had neck pain, you’ll know how much discomfort it creates. Data shows that almost 20.3% of people suffer from neck pain. At times you might even think that it is caused due to the wrong sleeping posture or use of the wrong pillow.

TRUE! But do you know that if your neck pain does not heal by itself in a week, you should approach an orthopedic doctor? Here are a few DIYs for you to heal the pain.

DIYs to heal the neck pain

  • Apply ice packs: Do not apply ice directly, apply an ice pack
  • Use heat packs
  • Try massage with coconut oil: Massage gently and don’t apply too much pressure
  • Try stretching your muscles gently: Try to move your head sideways
  • Always try to maintain a good posture
  • Use warm water with Epsom salt for bath
  • Moist the napkin with apple cider vinegar and keep it on the affected part

Why should you approach an orthopedic doctor in Vadodara for neck pain?

In case of neck pain, there is no necessity to rush to an orthopedic doctor immediately, but if the pain continues even after a week despite pain killers then you should visit the doctor for a proper diagnosis.

The orthopedic doctor can get the required tests done and analyze the problem in a better way. The doctor can make out the reason for the pain like:

  • Whether it relates to the muscle sprain
  • Worn Joints
  • Nerve compression
  • Diseases

I am working as an orthopedic doctor in Vadodara at one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Vadodara. Especially after the outbreak of Covid, people are working from home and I have seen the tendency of ‘text neck’.

A ‘text neck’ is a complication that develops due to the overuse of mobile. Here are a few pointers that you should consider in deciding whether or not you should see an orthopedic hospital in Vadodara for neck pain.

Warning signs that point you to visit the best orthopedic doctor in Vadodara

  • Continuous pain in the neck
  • Severe pain in the neck and the surrounding region
  • Pain in arms, legs, and shoulder along with the neck
  • Headache, numbness, tingling along with the neck pain
  • Inability to concentrate on the work due to the pain

In simple words, if you can carry out your daily activities despite the neck pain then there is no need to panic.

But if the pain interferes with your daily activities then it is necessary to visit the best orthopedic doctor in Vadodara.

What exactly causes neck pain is unknown however the following factors do contribute to the neck pain.

What causes neck pain?

  • Lifting of heavy-weights
  • Pushing or pulling heavy objects
  • Incorrect posture while sleeping
  • Use of incorrect size pillow
  • Improper height of the computer table
  • Long hours of operation on the phone
  • A pinched nerve (neck and/or shoulder)
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Degenerative disc diseases
  • Bulging discs

Among all the causes that I listed, improper sleeping posture is the primary factor that affects the neck. A little careful attitude in this regard can save you from neck pain.

Here are a few pointers that you should take care of while sleeping to avoid neck pain.

Sleeping positions

What causes neck pain when you wake up?

Your sleeping position, the mattress that you use, and the pillow affect neck pain.

According to the data, nearly 5% of neck problems are caused due to improper posture during sleep.

What should be your sleeping position to avoid neck pain?

People adopt many sleeping positions. Some prefer to sleep on their back, the others on their stomach while some sleep on their sideways.

Ideally sleeping on your back is good for your spine. Because when you sleep on your stomach, your neck is twisted. This is the main cause of neck pain.

Further, the type of mattress that you use creates pressure on the spine. In case you opt to sleep sideways, it is essential to use a pillow that provides support to your legs. In this way, the spine will be in a straight direction.

Which type of pillow should you use to avoid neck pain?

The use of the pillow depends on the way you sleep. In general, you can follow the following guidelines:

  • If you love to sleep sideways then use a thicker pillow. This helps to keep the neck and spine aligned.
  • If you generally sleep on your back then opt for a pillow that supports the neck and allows the head to rest. It should not be too bulky, else it will keep your head in an elevated position and cause neck pain.
  • If you sleep on your stomach then you need to be extra cautious. Use a very thin pillow to support your neck. This position is not good for your neck.

Which type of mattress is good for neck pain?

Go to any best orthopedic doctor in Vadodara and ask this question. The doctor will always reply it completely depends on the level of comfort that you feel.

Although the advertisers advertise that their mattress is ‘orthopedic or medically approved’ in reality it is not true.
Hence your mattress should offer firm support with a comfortable feel.

Sudden movements

Have you ever flung your arms in dreams or woke up with a jerk? All this can lead to neck pain.
As the best orthopedic hospital in Vadodara, we request you to get up slowly from the bed without jerky movements. Turn on sideways and then get up.


At times you might have felt a jerk due to an accident but realize it the next morning when you try to get up. It can be because of the strain that is caused due to the accident.

Other Causes

There can be other causes apart from the above that might lead to neck pain, such as:
  • Long hours of usage of laptop or mobile
  • Long hours of watching TV
  • Poor posture while working
  • Lack of vitamins in the diet
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Nerve compression

Final words

As an orthopedic doctor in Vadodara, I would suggest you pay more attention to the way you sleep and also the things that you use for sleeping like the mattress, pillow, etc.

Stress, lack of sleep can also be one the reason for neck pain. Any neck pain should normally heal by itself in a week. If it does not heal by itself then you can come to us. We are one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Vadodara. 

About Dr. Shwet Shah

Dr. Shwet Shah is the best orthopedic doctor in Vadodara, he is a consultant trauma surgeon at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital. He has completed his M.B.B.S. from Govt. Medical College, New Civil Hospital, Surat and D.Ortho from Shri B.M. Patel Medical College, Karnataka.

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