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32 Bed Hospital

We are Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, a 32 bed multispeciality hospital situated in Vadodara, Gujarat, is known to cover all the medical specialities with utmost care and expertise. We offer you 32 bed facility at our multispeciality hospital with all the latest technology to help us treat you better and bring your recovery to the earliest.

General Ward

At Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, we offer you the general ward with AC as well as without AC. Our general ward have the best-in-class facilities with beds, Fans, and Magazines that will comfort you and make you feel at home.

Special Rooms

Your need for comfort, tranquility, luxury as well as security are all our responsibility. We at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital have different rooms for each of our patients and visitors that are built for better and quicker healing with a blend of natural aesthetics as well as advanced technology.

Operation Theatre with all Modern Facilities

Janvi Multispeciality Hospital is well-equipped with state-of-the-art procedure theatres capable of conducting operations of all kinds in a human body. All theatres have air handling systems dedicated to suit air exchanges and a special OT flooring, all in compliance with international requirements for managing the infections. Both of our operation theatres are furnished with the LED OT lighting, diathermy equipment, high-quality OT tables, workstations for anesthesia, defibrillators, multipara monitoring, central suction, warmer equipment, and other medical gases, along with our well-trained nursing and paramedic personnel.

10 Bedded Fully Fledged ICU with Isolation bed

ICU room at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital is well-equipped with a 10 Bed facility, along with a Central Monitoring System, Ventilators, Defibrillators, Multipara-monitors, Blood gas analyzer, ECG Machines, Pulse oximeter, Infusion pumps, Syringe pump, Nebulizers, Mobile X-ray, and Ultrasound machines.

Deluxe Rooms

At Janvi Multispeciality Hospital we offer you the multi-bed rooms with the capacity of 3-4 beds per room. We assure every step of privacy of patients is being taken care of while allowing them to benefit from more economical tariffs and other amenities.

C-arm for all Orthopedic Operations and Urology Procedures

We at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital ensure that patients are given the highest probability of a successful outcome with highly skilled clinicians, trained to use the technology and accurately interpret the images generated in real time. At Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, we value the lives of patients by putting them first at every step of their stay during the treatment.

In-House X-Ray facility with Portable X-Ray

Janvi Multispeciality Hospital offers you promising facilities with adequate reception and advice at a very low cost, including 24×7 emergency service and professional care handling. We believe that our patients are the reason for the existence of our X-Ray department, and our main goal is to provide them with courteous and compassionate radiology services of the highest quality. We’re committed to upholding the best possible patient care and health levels.

Dialysis Facility

Janvi Multispeciality Hospital has a world-class clinic for outpatient as well as inpatient dialysis. In case of emergencies, for medical dietary assessment on a daily basis as well as individualized recovery plan for patients, we provide you with 24-hour nephrologist attention. Hemodialysis services for young children as well as special dialysis services for ICU patients are also available.

At Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, we have dialysis unit service, operated by well-qualified technicians and nephrologists, for both IPD and OPD patients. To ensure ultra-pure water supply for dialysis, a state-of-the-art water purification plant (RO Plant) has also been installed.

Our technicians always try to keep our patient’s transition into the dialysis treatment as least painful as possible. Our dialysis technicians are well-trained experts who excessively hold higher standards of providing treatment to the patients. All the staff along with the doctors are highly committed in saving one’s life and helping them to live their life to the fullest by considering their dialysis needs.

In-House Laboratory

In addition to a fully fitted facility, Janvi Multispeciality Hospital has its own well-equipped in-house Laboratory. Our laboratory collection center is situated inside the OPD department and offers a friendly atmosphere with well-trained phlebotomists to satisfy all patients’ comfort and their convenience. Our laboratory performs both normal as well as special laboratory research of urine, blood, and other body fluids. Our main laboratory is well-equipped with state-of-the-art machines and our notably experienced technicians as well as Pathologists.

In-House Pharmacy

Clearly, in-house drug stores do provide you with a range of benefits in terms of both your training and for your patients. The arrangement of an in-house pharmacy is especially useful for the patients suffering from rheumatic illness, because this kind of disorder is generally handled with the claim to fame medications, which is known to help the in-house pharmacy to stay focused on this specific form of treatment.

24×7 Ambulance Service

Janvi Multispeciality hospital has a 24×7 emergency ambulance service available if and when any patient needs it. Our ambulances are well equipped to provide first aid to critically ill patients. Our ambulance service reaches the destination quickly, and is at your fingertips to get patients to the hospital on time during any emergency.

Mediclaim Facilities

At Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, we are offering our patients the Best Cashless Mediclaim Facilities. We have a tie-up with almost 16+ Mediclaim Companies and 28+ TPA. And if you’re looking for a cashless provider hospital then contact us today. We have with us, 24×7 ICU and Emergency Services. We have some of the best departments concerning Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Surgery, Pediatrics, ENT, etc.

We have the following list of Mediclaim Providers,


And many more….

Day Care Room

At Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, our patients are offered with high class treatment and post-treatment care services. Our patients can select Daycare rooms for minor procedures such as Angiography, which can be performed outpatiently. Such well-equipped rooms with a dialysis unit provide the requisite care and comfort to post-surgery patients during the day, without the hassle of staying overnight. Moreover, ophthalmology and other short surgeries are performed in rooms at DayCare. For the patients who are admitted to the hospital for day-care procedures we have special Daycare rooms available for them. To be able to take utmost care of our patients, every daycare room at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital is fully equipped with all the latest medical equipment.

Dressing Room

At Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, we have a special Dressing room dedicated to all kinds of dressings for all our patients. Dressing rooms at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital are specially fitted rooms for bandaging development and conducting a variety of surgical procedures including small operative steps. We are concerned with the removal of sutures, administering transfusions, the surgical treatment of minor cuts, the opening up of abscesses, etc.

CSSD Department

We are Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, we have our own Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD), which works 24×7 in the hospital to provide sterile dressing material and surgical instruments. It is planned to follow the international requirements for managing infections. It has very clearly defined Clean (sterile) and Grey (unsterile) zones with unidirectional flow from Grey to Clean zone of all materials and manpower. The clean zone has direct access to all operation theaters to supply these OTS directly with ultraclean material without the use of any other hospital passages. Our CSSD department is fully equipped with both horizontal as well as vertically oriented electric autoclave machines, pressure washers, ETO (Ethylene Oxide) machines, OT trolley wash areas, packaging machines, and adequate space for clean material packaging and storage.

Stretcher Lift for Patients

With this amazing feature several patients would prefer Janvi Multispeciality Hospital as their primary treatment & care center. If they are going to lift their patients in other hospitals on a stretcher or over a staircase, this is just a privilege for them. Stretcher elevators in hospitals are a great benefit because they benefit save time and lives. Many times the patient needs to be transported to various floors on a stretcher and these elevators help make it possible because it is dangerous and time consuming to travel by stairs. Stretcher Lift at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital has the following benefits;

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Life
  • Multistoried Hospitals & Ease of transferring the patient from one floor to another
  • Urgent or Critical Cases
  • Quick Transport
  • Helpful for on-stretcher patients

24/7 Electricity Backup

Health care facilities rely on continuous, uninterrupted electricity to operate equipment which saves lives and protects sensitive electronic information. Reliable, continuous electrical power is essential to modern health-care operations. Even a shortest power interruption may be harmful to critical-care patients or those undergoing surgery. Here at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, we have 24×7 electricity backup that aids our continuous service and gives us an uninterrupted power supply.

Fire Safety Control

There are five classes of fires that are categorized on the basis of the types of contributing. There are five classes of fires classified according to the types of materials that add fuel / combustion. These are the following classes:

  • Class A: Class A fire involves ordinary fuel materials such as fabric, wood, paper, rubber and plastics
  • Class B: Class B fire includes flammable materials, tars, petroleum greases, fats, solvents, oil paints, alcohols as well as various flammable gases.
  • Class C: Class C fire involves the fire caused by controlled electrical devices, such as power tools, fuse boxes, wires, appliances, computers, televisions, and electrical motors.
  • Class D: Class D fire includes the fuel metals such as magnesium, titanium, potassium, lithium, zirconium, and sodium.
  • Class K: Class K fire involves fuel-cooking oils and fats used in industrial cooking appliances.

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Modern Technology

We stay up-to-date with the latest medical equipment and technologies. We are dedicated to making these innovations available to our patients as quickly as possible.

Experienced Doctors

Our approach to caring for our patients and families involves leading-edge medical technology provided by an expert, experienced staff that treats every person with professionalism, sensitivity and compassion.

Best Infrastructure

Janvi Multispeciality Hospital provides you with specialist departments along with the world-class infrastructure facilities for any form of care. Our hospital has become the first and prior choice for the people of Vadodara who are seeking quality care.