ICU : From The Perspective of a Doctor

Two places are there on the Earth where heartfelt prayers are offered. Do you know which are they? One is the place of worship itself and the second is the ICU. Yes! You read it right, it is ICU.

I have been working as an MD Physician at Vadodara in critical care units since 2017, so I know how it feels when your loved one is in ICU. 

People associate ICU with the seriousness of the condition. To some extent it is true, but as a physician working with Janvi Multispeciality hospital, I want to clarify certain doubts regarding ICU so that the family members know exactly what to expect from an ICU.

Unless you’re getting treated in some hospital from the beginning, what do you do to search for the best ICU hospital in Vadodara? Google it, right? But do you know, apart from the equipment, what facilities should it have to be called the best ICU hospital? 

Well, if your answer is ‘NO’ then don’t worry, I am here to answer all your concerns in the capacity of the best MD physician in Vadodara’. 

All patients do not require the care of an ICU however only in critical cases ICU is required. To an onlooker, it might seem that an ICU is just another hospital room that is the cleanest, with many machines and where visitors are not allowed.

But it is not so. Because our hospital is the best ICU hospital in Vadodara, we know how much care, safeguards and investment an ICU needs. 

What Differentiates ICU from an Emergency Room?

An emergency room is a place where you are shifted in case of any accidental injury or emergency. Although it requires immediate medical attention, the condition of the patient is stable. Only the patients who are too sick are moved to the ICU.

Why are Family Members Not Allowed to Visit the ICU?

Trust me, the ICU is the busiest place in the hospital. This is because many specialists and nurses are already present there. But all of them are following protocols regarding hygiene. 

The patient who is in the ICU is connected to many tubes, ventilators and many things. The slightest infection in these could be a life-threatening experience for your loved ones. That is the reason, visitors are not allowed in an ICU.

Best ICU hospitals in Vadodara have HVAC systems. HVAC stands for efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning. 

Hospitals are the places with the most contaminants. Isn’t it strange that the place meant to cure people is itself so contaminated? So to control it we have HVAC systems at the best ICU hospital, Vadodara. 

HVAC systems help to maintain good indoor air quality, ambient temperature, and suitable thermal conditions in the hospital and ICU.  HVAC systems help in proper ventilation and filtration of air and help in maintaining proper humidity levels.

You might be wondering why AC is needed in ICU? It is because there are many types of medical equipment that require low temperatures to operate properly.

Apart from that people with cardiac issues, burn issues, operated people recover faster in controlled weather conditions rather than the simple ones.

Not just the environment, even the staff for ICU is specially trained.

Does The Staff Meant for ICU Require Special Training?

The nurses meant for ICU are specially trained, not only professionally but also to deal with the emotional issues at work. Because often we have seen emotional outbursts by the relatives of the patients who are in the ICU.

Apart from that many tubes, catheters are infused into the patient’s body, many times the patient is not even able to speak. In such cases, it is only the nurse who needs to understand the gestures and do needful.

What kinds of equipment do we use in our ICU at Vadodara?

You might be wondering about the types of equipment that we use at our ICU at Vadodara. Here’s a brief idea about them.

Types of equipment used at the Best ICU in Vadodara at Janvi Hospital.


These bags are mainly used to inflate the lungs during the intubation process. If the patient is facing respiratory issues or stopped breathing suddenly then it is needed.


It is used to deliver small quantities of intravenous medications and fluids. To avoid multiple pricks to the patient, it is connected via an IV tubing to the patient, so that required doses can be given as and when required.


A CVC line is used in the case of patients whose veins are too thin to deliver the medicines or nutrients. It is inserted into a larger vein of the body which is found in the neck, shoulder or groin.


If the person’s gastrointestinal tract is functioning normally then NG tubes are not inserted. But if the patient is not able to swallow then NG tubes are inserted that can help to provide him with the required nutrients and medicines.


Endotracheal tubes are used for invasive ventilation when the patient is on the ventilator. The patient is sedated and then the tube is inserted into the mouth and it extends to the lungs, to help them breathe easily. This tube is connected to the ventilator.


It is the simple blood pressure cuff that is connected with the arm to note the blood pressure of the patient. In case, extreme accurate BP is required, this can be done by using an arterial catheter.

It is attached to the patient’s finger and shows the Oxygen Saturation level in the patient.


ICU beds are special and can be adjusted according to the needs. They have the facility to carry the required things like oxygen cylinders, intravenous infusions, pumps, ventilators etc

Sequential compression devices (SCD)

A patient lies on the bed in ICU for many days as a result of which there is a danger of deep vein thrombosis. To help this, the SCD machine helps in the proper movement of blood in the veins of the leg.

Indwelling Urinary Catheter (IDC)

It is used to measure the quantity of urine passed in a day.


The monitors display the vital statistics that are essential for decision making.


Ventilators help the patient to breathe when they cannot breathe on their own.

Apart from the above, we have ECMO and CRRT machines at our hospital. These are life-saving machines and are available only in a few hospitals.

They need technical know-how to operate which only a few possess. I think that the availability of these machines along with the required expertise is what makes our ICU the Best ICU in Vadodara.

Final Words

The sound of the ambulance, the unfamiliar medical terms, the emotional outbursts, the fast-moving staff with stethoscopes in their hands, the smell of blood, the silent prayers… are all that the best ICU,Vadodara often witnesses.

Although for us it is a part of our daily duty to save the patient, we too are humans! Believe me, as an MD physician working with Janvi Multispeciality hospital, I’ve seen many ups and downs. 

We make every single attempt to save the patient and most of the times the prayers are answered. Many of you think that ICU is costly that is why I wanted to discuss with you today as to what makes it costly. Just check for the cost of above-mentioned equipments, you’ll know why ICU is costly.

I sincerely hope that after reading this article you’ll definitely realize that for doctors too, handling the patients in an ICU is not an easy task. Finally, ICU is a place that teaches us to either expect or accept.

About Dr Trushar Gohel

Consultant Physician

M.D. Medicine

Dr Trushar Gohel is the best MD Medicine doctor in Vadodara. He has pursued his MBBS from B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad and M.D. medicine in 2017 from N H L medical College & V S hospital Ahmedabad. Dr Trushar Gohel is an experienced and skilled doctor in his field of specialization. He has worked as a consultant physician and ER consultant in Ambuja Nagar multispeciality hospital.

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