Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Rights of the Patient

  • Right to receive the best medical care and counselling that matches the accepted standards.
  • Right to receive information about their actual medical condition as well as the estimated cost of the whole procedure and treatment.
  • Right to grant or withhold the consent to be appeared for a partial or a complete diagnostic or the whole treatment procedure.
  • Right to look for another opinion concerning their medical condition.
  • Right to know about the doctor or the healthcare professional attending them.
  • Right to access their clinical records and reports.
  • Right to have a thorough confidentiality maintained with the doctors or healthcare professionals concerning their medical records.
  • Right to dignity, privacy, and the due consideration to their religious as well as cultural beliefs.
  • Right to have a safe as well as protected space for their visitors and themselves. However, the hospital is not liable or held responsible for the loss or damage happening to any of the personal belongings of patients or their visitors.
  • Right to offer their valuable suggestions as well as air grievances.

Responsibilities of the Patient

  • Responsibility to provide genuine personal details including their full name, permanent address, contact number, etc.
  • Responsibility to provide the correct as well as a complete previous medical history or reports including the details about previous illnesses, undergone surgical or any other procedures, hospitalizations, etc.
  • Responsibility to obey the appointment schedule and also a prior intimation must be provided if you are planning to cancel the appointment.
  • Responsibility to understand the situation when your treating doctor treats other critically ill patients as priority, sometimes it may cause delay to attend to you.
  • Responsibility to ensure and maintain a friendly as well as peaceful relationship with the hospital staff and other co-patients.
  • Responsibility to comply with the treatment plan given by the doctor.
  • Responsibility to refrain from taking any medicines prescribed by the doctor other than your treating doctor.
  • Responsibility to refrain from distributing medicines to other patients that are specifically prescribed for you.
  • Responsibility to clear all the payment dues on time, without any further delay and also coordinating with our hospital staff concerning facilitating the payment by your insurance providers.
  • Responsibility to abide by the ‘no alcohol consumption’, ‘no smoking’, and ‘no non-vegetarian food’ policy framed by the hospital.

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We offer extensive medical services for our patients.

  • We are fully accessible from anywhere, from any channel at any time.
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We adhere to our binding guidelines on how to prevent the infection and are committed to providing our patients as well as staff with a healthy and clean atmosphere. We strive to make our hospital free from infections.

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