Sciatica Pain:Stopping You From Enjoying Life? Know Remedies

Techniques By Physiotherapist To Relieve Sciatica Pain Forever

Meet Mr. Sanjay, age 44, who weighs 102 kg. A few days back he came to our hospital complaining of severe pain in one leg right from his buttocks to feet. The pain worsened if he coughed or sneezed. We underwent a preliminary investigation and narrowed our findings to ‘Sciatica’.

As a physiotherapy center in Vadodara, we suggest tablets relieve pain and some ointments. Most importantly, we recommended physiotherapy exercises for him.

A week later, he could carry on the simple exercises at home and get relief from Sciatica.
We found that post-corona many people have become obese and have a job that requires them to be in a seated position for more than eight hours a day. This is a contributing factor for Sciatica. As a physiotherapy center, Vadodara, we intend to guide you about Sciatica and how physiotherapy can help you to overcome it.

What Are The Risk Factors For Sciatica?

Some of the above factors are uncontrollable however, you can try to control the factors like diabetes, live an active lifestyle and try to take proper precautions while performing duty.

Where Is The Pain Of Sciatica Felt?

Sciatica pain is felt in the lumbar spine. It can cover the areas such as the pelvis, hips, and legs. The pain can be dull, sudden, or excruciating pain. At times it can also cause numbness in the legs or a tingling sensation in the legs.

How Physiotherapy Can Help In Relieving Sciatica Pain?

Physiotherapy uses various kinds of treatments for sciatica pain. As the best physiotherapists in Vadodara, we provide treatments such as:

  • Applying pressure
  • Electrical Modalitites
  • Exercises
  • Spinal stabilization
  • Mobilizations
  • Muscle energy methods

Sciatica symptoms of paresthesias  differ depending on which nerve is affected:

  • L4: If the L4 nerve is compressed then pain, tingling or numbness can be felt in the thigh. 
  • L5: When the L5 nerve is compressed, the pain and numbness spread a little more. It causes tingling and numbness in the foot and toes. 
  • S1: Compressions in the S1 nerve lead to pain, numbness and tingling on the outer part of the foot. It can also lead to pain in the heel while lifting it from the ground.

In all the above cases, depending on which part of the nerve is affected, physical therapy can help. As a physiotherapy center in Vadodara, we often recommend spinal mobilization, motor control exercise, and nerve mobilization.

Stretching Exercises:

While the above exercises target the affected nerve, stretching exercises target the cells causing pain. Stretching exercises include knee-to-chest stretch, hamstring stretching exercises, back extensions, and spinal stretch.

As best physiotherapists in Vadodara, we believe in preventing pain. Hence we recommend exercises that can strengthen your muscles and stop the agent that can cause sciatica pain. Examples of strengthening exercises include abdominal strengthening, iliotibial band strengthening, cat and camel exercise, etc.

Here are 10 exercises that can help you to alleviate pain:

Aerobic conditioning Exercises:
Aerobic exercises release endorphins. Endorphins are the pain killers in our bodies. You can visit a physiotherapist center in Vadodara for sciatica but if you wish to try some DIY home remedies then try activities like swimming, walking, running etc. They can reduce sciatica pain. 

Massage Therapy:
Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and neuromuscular massage are something that we generally recommend to our patients at our physiotherapy center in Vadodara. It helps to relax the tension and tightness in the muscles and tendons. It also decreases inflammation and accelerates blood circulation and never relaxation.

Use Of Supportive Aids:
Many times we feel that certain changes in the way you sleep or sit can affect your pain. At our physiotherapy center, Vadodara we ask our patients to try various supportive aids that can lessen their pain such as:


Cryotherapy includes the application of ice packs or cold packs on the affected nerve to ease the pain. After proper training from the best physiotherapists in Vadodara, you can do it at home too.


In thermotherapy, we ask patients to use heating pads to increase blood circulation and lessen the pain. Alternatively, the patients can take a bath with warm water.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation:

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is also called as TENS technique. It is used to get relief from sciatic pain. In the TENS technique, two electrode pads are placed on the skin of the sciatic nerve roots and a small current is passed to produce a tingling sensation. This helps the nerves to relax and reduces the pain. It is a painless treatment.

Interferential Therapy (IFT):

Interferential therapy is similar to TENS therapy. The only difference is that in the case of TENS therapy periodic current is passed to the affected nerves. Whereas in the case of IFT, a continuous current is passed to the affected nerve.

Shockwave Therapy:
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) can also be used to get relief from sciatica pain. It is a painless technique that helps in the regeneration of cells.

Lumbar Traction:
If you have ever visited a physiotherapist center in Vadodara, you might be pretty familiar with this technique. In this method, traction is used to relieve pressure on the nerve cousin pain.

What Are Our Suggestions As ‘The Best Physiotherapists In Vadodara’?

To stay away from sciatica pain, you should try to keep your weight in control. Extra weight often results in pressure on the spine and results in pain. Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables.
Most importantly, if you are having the symptoms of sciatica then consult a physiotherapist center, Vadodara. In case you delay it the problems can increase and may need surgery to get cured. You can always come to our hospital for any kind of guidance in health matters.


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